Public Private Partnership

Projects Under Implementation

Implementation Stage


sr.#   location                                                                           Length (KM)

Approx.Cost   (Rs in Milion)

Project Details                                   

 1 Service Areas - 10 Nos. (M-2) - 1,125 Establishment of Ten (10) Service Areas under a 15 years Concession Period - ON BOT BASIS Operational (13th Year)
 2 Lakpass Tunnel (N-25) 0.18 679 180 m Tunnel is operational under a 25 years' Concession - ON BOT BASIS. Operational (4th Year) 
 3 Shahadara Flyover (N-5)  5.20 3,560  Construction of  6-Lane Elevated Flyover with 25 years Concession Period - ON BOT-ANNUITY BASIS Financial Close Stage
 4 Two Main-Service Areas at River Indus (M-1)  - 689 Establishment of Two Main-Service Areas at M-, Concession signed for 15 Years - ON BOT BASIS Financial Close Stage
 5 Two Mini-Service Areas at River Haro (M-1) -  260 Establishment of Two Main Service Areas at M-1 - ON BOT BASIS Concession Negotiation Stage
 6 Karachi-Hyderabad Motorway (M-9)  136  13,000 Conversion of existing 4-lane Highway into 6-lane Motorway - ON BOT BASIS Bids Received
 7 Two Main-Service Areas & a Hotel on N-75  -  1,350 Establishment of two Service Areas at Khajot & Lower Topa and a 4-Star Hotel at Lower Topa - ON BOT BASIS Bids under Evaluation.
 8  Lahore-Nankana Sahib Expressway  63  12,388 Construction of 63 km, 4-lane, limited access, divided Expressway - ON BOT BASIS EOI received & under evaluation
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National Highway Authority

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Government Of Pakistan

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Phone: 92-51-9032946

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Projects Under Preparation


Preparation Stage

sr.#   location                                                                           Length (KM)

Approx.Cost   (Rs in Milion)

Project Details                                   

 1 D.G KHAN- Rajanpur(N-55) 106   6,500 Conversion of Existing 2-Lane Into 4-lane D Preparation Stage 
 2 D.I Khan-Balkasar Interchange  235  11,750 Upgradation of Existing Road Yet to be Federalizsed 
 3 Jhang-Chund Bridge-Sargodha-Salam MB Din-Kharian   280 14,000  Upgradion of existing road into 2 lane Highway  Yet to be processed
 4  Realignment of Lahore-Islamabad Motorway (M-2)  at Salt Range  15  12,730  Re-alignment of existing 6-Lane  facility at salt range. Preparation Stage
 5 Link Road Rawat to Thullian {link between National Highway (N-5) and Lahore-Islamabad Motorway (M-2)} 29   5,150  New 4-lane divided access controlled Expressway. Preparation Stage
 6 Kandhkot-Ghotki Bridge at River Indus  1.04  6,271 Construction of 2-lane Concrete Bridge on River Indus linking N-5 and N-55 Preparation Stage
 7  Jherruk - Mullah Katyar Bridge  0.98  5,884 Concerete bridge across the river indus, connecting Jherruk with Mukllah Katiar. Preparation Stage
 8  Malakand Tunnel (N-45)  4.25  9,043   PC-I Prepared
 9  Hasanabdal - Abbottabad Expressway (E-35)  110  47,000  Construction of Expressway on new alignment PC-I Prepared
Projects Under Development

Development Stage

sr.#   location                                                                           Length (KM)

Approx.Cost   (Rs in Milion)

Project Details                                   

 1 Two Mini Service Areas on M-4 - - Establishment of Two Mini-Service Areas at Section-I of Faisalabad-Multan Motorway (M-4) - ON BOT BASIS EOI invited. Last date for EOI is Dec. 20, 2010. 
 2 Rawalpindi Flyover (N-5) 14 28,000 Construction of  4-Lane Flyover Expressway on existing Rawalpindi urban area of N-5 Commercial Feasibility Study completed.
 3 Karachi Northern Bypass (M-10) 50 6,000 Conversion of existing 2-Lane highway into 4-Lane divided facility Updation of Commercial Feasibility Study under way
4 Muzaffargarh - D.G Khan (N-70) 53 5,000 Conversion of existing 2-lane highway into 4-Lane divided facility including Bridge at Ghazi Ghat Commercial Feasibility Study completed.
5 Habibabad Bridge (N-5) - 562 Improvement of existing 4-lane flyover for north bound traffic and construction of new flyover for south bound traffic Commercial Feasibility Study under way



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