Environment And NHA
The process of economic growth cannot be sustained without concomitant of making efforts not only to expand the present facilities but also to modernize them to keep up with the growing needs of the economy.

The National Highway Authority (NHA) under the Federal Ministry of Communications is responsible for the 7000kms long National Highway Network and Motorway systems, which carries 75% to 80% of the total commercial traffic. Provincial Highway departments are responsible for about 80,000 Km provincial road networks. The remaining network comprises of municipal and district roads. NHA'S main artery is the 1760-km long N-5 highway, which carries over 55% of the country's Inter- City traffic. Other National Highways include N-55 (Indus Highway), N-25, N-65, N-40 (RCD Highway) N-45, N-50, N-70 and N-35 (Karakoram Highway). It is noted that nearly two-thirds of the network is in poor condition. The highway department faces premature collapse due to the inadequate maintenance. Reliance on budgetary transfer mechanism for adequately funding road maintenance has not worked, particularly in the periods of fiscal stringency. This increase in vehicle overloading and the shift from rail to road has led to a rapid and premature deterioration of the road network. In view of the increasing magnitude of road transport in Pakistan and the lack of adequate maintenance, rehabilitation, and renovation, the road system often faces a premature collapse.