Q. What are the responsibilities of NHA?
NHA has been given the task to plan, promote and organize programmes for construction, development, operation, repairs & maintenance of National Highways, Motorways & strategic roads.
Q. What is the total length of roads in Pakistan?
The total length of roads in Pakistan is 181,836 Km including 118,194 Km of high type and 63642 Km of low type.
Q. What is the length of National Highways & Motorways under administrative control of NHA?
The total length of roads under administrative control of NHA is 7144 Km which accounts for 4 % of entire road network and 63 % of the road traffic in the country.
Q. What does "N" and "M" stand for?
N stands for National Highway whereas, M stands for Motorway.
Q. What is the asset value of road network in Pakistan?
The present worth of road networks in Pakistan is Rs.2 Trillion.
Detail of Motorways in Pakistan.
M-1 is from Islamabad to Peshawar. It is 154 Km access controlled Motorway

M-2 is from Lahore to Islamabad. It is 335 Km access controlled Motorway having 6 lanes with a cost of Rs. 36.7 billion. M/S Daewoo of Korea constructed M-2. It was completed in November 1997.

M-3 is from Pindi Bhattian to Faisalabad. It is 52 Km access controlled Motorway having 6 lanes with a total cost of Rs. 7.2 billion. NHA has signed an agreement with a consortium of local companies M/S PAMIC for its construction on BOT basis. The construction works is in progress.

M-4 is planned from Faisalabad to Multan with a total length of 200 Km. It has 4 lanes with the total cost of Rs. 20.0 billion. Its design is complete and construction work will be taken up availability of funds

M-5 is planned from Multan to D.G Khan with the total length of 84 km having 4 lanes. Estimated cost is rs.11.5 billion. Its feasibility study & design has been completed.

M-6 is planned from D.G Khan to Ratodero with total length of 450 km having 4 lanes. Estimate cost of the project is Rs. 45.0 billion.
M-7 is planned from Kakkar to Dureji to Karachi with a total length of 300 Km having 2 lanes. Estimate cost is Rs. 13.0 billion. Its Feasibility Study & Design has been completed.

M-8 is planned from Gavadar to Ratodero with a total length of 892 Km having 2 lanes. Estimated cost is Rs. 23.2 billion. Its Feasibility Study & Design has been completed.

M-9 is planned from Karachi to Hyderabad with the length of 135 Km having 6 lanes. Letter of support(LOS) has been issued to Fauji Motorway for the construction of Karachi - Hyderabad Motorway on BOT basis. The estimated cost is Rs. 9.0 billion. M-10 is Karachi Northern By-Pass with a total length of 64 km having 6 lanes. It has been planned on BOT basis. Bids have been invited. Estimated cost is Rs. 1.0 billion.
Q. What is the importance of N-5 in Pakistan?
N-5 carries 60 % of entire traffic of the country. It is the life line of Pakistan. 80 % of economic activity is being carried out through it.
Q. Which is the longest Highway in Pakistan?
N-5 is the longest Highway having length 1756 Km. It connects Karachi to Torkham via Multan, Lahore, Rawalpindi and Peshawar.
Q. What is Kohat Tunnel Project?
Kohat Tunnel Project is 30.1 Km long, having 1.88 Km Tunnel comprising 2 lanes. On Northern end, two lane road 7.76 Km long, while on Southern end, two lane road 20.408 Km long is being constructed. Estimated cost is Rs. 6.6 billion. M/S Taise of Japan is constructing the Kohat Tunnel along access roads.
Q. What is the role of NHA to link Pakistan to Central Asian Countries?
Pakistan has signed a number of MOUs for development of trade routes between Pakistan and Central Asian Republic. For this, NHA has under taken number of studies. In Pakistan all main routes i.e., National Highway N-5, Indus Highway N-55, Karachi Khuzdar-Quetta-Chaman Highway N-25, and Quetta-Nokundi-Taftan Highway N-40 will be used by Central Asian Republics & Iran.