Islamabad Muree Dual Carriageway

NHA has been assigned with the construction of 41 Km long Islamabad-Muree Dual Carriage Way. This project, to lanes will be added to the existing Highway from Islamabad (Bara Kahu) to Satra Mile and a new four lanes road will be constructed from 17 Mile downward to lower- Topa to meet ever increasing influx of the tourist.

Key Environmental Impacts
Following are the key Environmental Impacts related to the project :-
Communication between different settlements existing on both of the carriageway will be disturbed due to restricted movement of the local residents across the road.
Noise and air pollution will rise in the area.
Social/cultural setup of the local residents will be affected.
Due to excessive excavation and blasting, the natural stability of soil will be disturbed and may lead to land sliding
Trees and other vegetation present on the route of dual carriageway will be cut/cleared due to which underneath soil will be destabilized
  Due to excessive excavation in the area, storm water will carry silt suspension to the receiving rivers/nullahs and as these rivers/nullahs lead to certain dams at down streamside.  
Environmental and Social Base Line Parameters
River and Channels
Geology and Soils
  Surface and groundwater  
  Faulting and land sliding  
  Water logging/salinity  
  Endangered Species  
  Air Quality  
  Socio Economic