Lowari Tunnel

This project is located in NWFP and in North East part of the province. The project originates from Tamalgarha and it ends at Lowari Tunnel. This is the sole access to Chitral valley and then further leads to Afghanistan. This part has lush green valleys, thick forest Fountains, and can be very attractive place for tourist as well trade. The project total length is 133 KM and in the preliminary conditions survey following area were noticed which might be impacted in the project implementation and operations phase.


The total terrain passes through the thick old forest. Due to project implementation and later in operation phase this area will be impacted. At this stage, it is not possible to provide the number of trees but can be included in rough cost estimate. The total number of impacted tree can be assessed after the detail survey is done

Land Degradation

The existing land slops will be disturbed due to the construction of retaining and cross drainage structures (new and old). This will add into land degradation and land erosion and need to be taken care in the design of this project


There are many streams and nullahs are crossing this roadway section. these constitute on perennial as well as non-perennial streams. This water is very valuable for land as well as indigenous people of that area. During construction of this project special care and method should be used to preserve this valuable resource and should not be polluted by machinery as well as humans

Noise Abatement/Air Pollution

This project stretch passes through the human development at different places. While project construction and operation phase the population will be exposed to noise and air quality issue. The provision must be kept in project design and cost estimation stage to cater these issues

Highway Safety

This project will bring more traffic in this area as well as high speed vehicle will pass though this road way too. This will add into safety issue and special provision must be included in design as well as operation phase to deal with this issue

Wild Life and Endanger Species

The project area is a wild life refuge and carry lots of endanger species. The provision should be kept in project cost estimate phase to handle these areas